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Khaos' Cigar Gallery

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
...And sometimes it's all that and a whole lot more!

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Videos will be restored soon!

Welcome one and all to my newly reworked cigar gallery, featuring a new gallery format, some never seen before photos, and a ton of new and restored content coming your way!

Click the thumbnail with a set number to navigate to a specific photo set.

2022.09.08 ~ Man O'War Ruination

Just another lil set from my Thursday Zoom call. The Man O'War Ruination was calling my name that day, and it was oh, so delicious. One of these days, I'll get around to actually reviewing those, cause they are really nice.

2022.09.01 ~ Oliva Serie V

I FINALLY finished going through and editing more than 200 photos from this set, and uploading the 176 that made the cut. During this weekly Zoom encounter, I enjoyed an Oliva Serie V in these, one of my top 10 cigars for sure! In fact, my review back in 2010 rated it 10/10. That said, I was new to writing reviews back then, and that one is severely lacking in substance. I really need to reprise that it. Guess that means I'll have to force myself to smoke another Serie V. Darn! ;)

2022.08.25 ~ Drew Estate Tabak Especial Red Eye

My regular, afternoon Zoom session. This time over an hour and a half of great conversation with fine cigars and coffee. Mmmmmm... good!
I discussed and reviewed this smoke during the course of the call too, and then wrote it all down. See the review here.
and if you want your own, private, cigar Zoom call with me, you can schedule a virtual session here

2022.08.11 ~ La Herencia Cubana CORE

Stills from a Zoom session, smoking a La Herencia Cubana CORE.
Once I get moved into my new place, I'll be able to start doing proper photo shoots again. Also check out the cigar review from this set.

2022.05.19 ~ OM Final Blend

Here is a short set whilst thoroughly enjoying a very tasty, 2010, limited run, Final Blend from Famous Smoke. Unfortunately, it had been hiding out in my humidors for over 10 years, and by the time I discovered this wonderful smoke, it was too late to get any more. Read my review of this smoke here.

You may notice a large jump in set numbers....

That is how many sets have yet to be uploaded! I decided not to wait to upload the brand new ones until all the others are uploaded though, so I can keep things at least somewhat current. So, you can expect to see at LEAST one older set uploaded each week, as well as any new sets that I do, until everything is caught up.

2019.08.20 ~ Nub 460 Connecticut

Another mini set finds me on the back patio on a sweltering August afternoon. I picked the Nub cause it was too hot to stay outside long enough to smoke a bigger cigar. And I smoked that Nub right down to the nub! Definitely more of a breakfast cigar for me, but it was still delicious.

2019.08.18 ~ Man O' War Ruination Belicoso

Just a mini "set" with a couple pics of me enjoying a summer evening Man O' War Ruination Belicoso on the back patio.

2018.02.18 ~ Olor Fuerte

Relaxing on the couch with my doggo, some delicious, gourmet coffee and dark chocolate, enjoying an Olor Fuerte. This set contains a whopping 144 high quality photos! As of 2022 October, I should be able to get back to doing more involved sets like this, so stay tuned!! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did.

Gran Habano Vintage Corojo 2002

Just a small set wherein I am enjoying a Gran Habano Vintage Corojo 2002 on the front porch.

Fuente Fuente OpusX Oro Oscuro Reserva d'Chateau

Enjoying a Fuente Fuente OpusX Oro Oscuro Reserva d'Chateau at Waterwheel Cigar in Fernandina Beach, FL. It's an awesome cigar and an awesome shop! I recommend checking out both, if you can.

Staircase 2015

A short set from my 2015 campout up at Staircase in the Olympic National Forest

Cruise 2015

Just a little two photo mini set from my first cruise. I didn't really have a chance to get any good cigar photos on that cruise, but I got a decent handful on my 2019 cruise, which I'll be posting in due time.

Norwescon 37 - 2014

I cannot for the life of me remember what cigar that was, and I can't quite recognise the band from the pics. Bonus points for whomever can ID it for me! BTW, that 007 smoke pattern is COMPLETELY coincidence! I saw it when I was editing pics and couldn't believe it. Still best shot to date, I think.

2012.08.20 - Partagas 1845

Having a Partagas 1845 while it was still cool enough to be outside without sweltering. I really need to get me more of these. They're quite lovely.

Paradise 2012 Cigar Erotica Lounge

Some pics over the course of three glorious days in Paradise, with play, demos, bootblacking, and great company whilst enjoying a plethora of fine cigars.

A smoke in the woods

Just a short set on a camping trip that I figured I'd share.

2012, January - Oliva Serie G at Home

Enjoying an Oliva Serie G on the front porch, 2012, January 24th.
They are all just stills from the webcam, so they are not great quality, but I figured y'all stil deserved to see them if you want.
Also, it got bloody COLD!
I REALLY need to find a good place where I can do decent shoots, both indoors and out, as well as a camera man/boy/girl/slut/whatever to capture them. My former regular camera person is no longer available to do shoots.

Khaos & Fireseeker

My dear friend and cigar slut, Fireseeker, has wanted me to do this for him for many years. Finally, after all this time, I made his dream a reality.
Be sure to visit the Members Only sub album for the complete, uncensored version of this extreme photo shoot, featuring 46 Smokin' Hot photos!
Beware! These photos are not for the faint of heart. His fetish is very extreme and the photos are hard core, so proceed with caution!
If you don't see the extra sub-album for members, become a Member for access.

Norwescon 29 - Sunday Night Stoagie

Here are a few pictures of me relaxing on Sunday night after the last day of Norwescon 29 (2006, April 13). A few years ago, I made the decision to ALWAYS stay an extra night after any weekend event so I can enjoy the last day and just relax afterward and leave the next day. It's a great policy!

Norwescon 29 - Saturday Evening - Arturo Fuente Petite Chateau

This set was taken Saturday evening after Dinner at Norwescon 29 where I took some time to enjoy the sunset from my room's balcony, along with some exquisite coffee and another Arturo Fuente Petite Chateau before heading back down to have some more fun in the convention. I did come inside once it got dark... It was kinda chilly!

Norwescon 29 - Friday Evening - Arturo Fuente Double Chateau

Friday night at Norwescon 29, having an Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Maduro, my absolute favorite cigar in the Universe, before bed. This small set is in special recognition of my good friend, GDG for his birthday!! It's actually quite late, cause of my recent internet issues (Qwest is the worst phone company in the entire frigging world!!). .. but I still want to say  
And I hope you enjoy your belated gifts too!

NWC29 - Special Jamaican Mayfair

Here I am relaxing in my hotel room between convention activities at Norwescon 29 with one of the Special Jamaican Mayfairs that Mark S. in Kansas sent me. So here's another set dedicated to him! This one tasted WORLDS better than the first one of the batch I smoked, showing once again that several months in the humidor can only better a cigar.
This page only has 24 out of the 34 pics from this set... The other 10 are in the adult section.

NWC29 - Arturo Fuente Petite Chateau

This is just a really short set. The pictures were kind of an afterthought while I was smoking one of my Arturo Fuente Petite Chateau Maduros, the smaller version of my all time favorite cigar.

Famous Dominican Select Suave

I'm enjoying a Famous Dominican Select Suave on my patio here in this set.
A lovely day for a cigar!
Then again, when isn't it a lovely day for a cigar!?


I'm puffing on a Rosa Cuba Herencia in this set for "V Day".
Love was definitely in the air, cause I LOVE a good cigar and a camera.

And be sure to check out the video for this set.

Yule Tidings and Smokey Kisses

This was the only shoot I did this winter since they passed Initiative 901 in Washington state cause it was just TOO COLD to be outside for that long. I'm smoking a JR Alternative to Por Larranaga Magnum . Great smoke, but I ended up leaving more than I usually would in favor of going back inside.

Casa Blanca Jeroboam

This shoot was done just for Marsh in Australia, and this set is dedicated to him In it, I am smoking one of the 10 inch long, 66 ring gauge Casa Blanca Jeroboams that he sent me.
And don't miss the Video from this set either!

Drag King Khaos

This set features me in FULL drag puffing on one of my Churchill sized JR Alternatives.

Check the
adult galleries
for proof that the drag is complete!

Just Another Day in Paradise

This LONG shoot finds me puffing on another of the great Belinda Prominentes from Mark S. at The Gathering - Wetspot in Paradise 2005

Be sure to look in the Member only sub-album for LOTS more from this set! The majority from this photo shoot are there. Forced smoking, smoking denial and more! If you don't see it in the gallery, become a Member today for access.

A Torcedor in Paradise

Here are some more pics of me with my Torcedor at Paradise. It was too hot for clothes.

If you don't see the extra sub-album for members, become a Member for access.

Torcedor in Paradise

Here I am, puffing on a Torcedor during 10 glorious days in Paradise!

Camacho at Paradise 2005

In these, I'm enjoying a Camacho during 10 days in Paradise

A BIG one for Smoke Slut Steph

This gallery is dedicated to my German cigar friend Steph, since he is the one to make it possible with his gift of a HUGE Martinez 85 (85 is the ring guage!!) I was able to get LOTS of pictures of this since it took a nice, long time to smoke. In addition to these, there are more than 20 hot photos and a video from this set for Members!

Cigar Ash Tattoo/Brand

August 21st, 2005, This is a little different, as it's not really pics of me smoking (well, okay, one is) but me giving my slave girl a cigar ash tattoo/brand. I do all kinds of decorative scarification. If you're interested in having a piece done, contact me and we can discuss it, or, if you want it done as part of a Domination scene, check out my Sessions page!

Romeo Y Julieta 1875

August 17th, 2005, Here, I'm sampling a Romeo Y Julieta 1875

Torcedor and a Wand

August 10th, 2005, Savoring the first Torcedor I've been able to get in a couple years while making a wand for my friends' handfasting (Pagan wedding), which I also officiated. If you want me to officiate a ceremony of any kind for you, check out my officiant services page!

Belinda Prominente HOT Smoke

August 7th, 2005, having a Belinda Prominente This gallery is dedicated to Mark S. from Kansas in gratitude for his lovely gift of the Belindas.

be sure to check out the uncensored pics & video from this set! If you don't see the extra sub-album, become a Member today.

Martinez Don Antonio Numero 5

July 29, 2005. I'm checking out (and much enjoying) the Martinez Don Antonio Numero 5 from the sample pack that my German cigar buddy sent to me. This gallery is dedicated to him also. Of course, that is Steph.

Ribs and a Rosa Cuba

July 28, 2005, Grilling some ribs and smokin' a Rosa Cuba. There's nothing like a fine cigar and some hot, tender, juicy, smokey...

...Ribs! What did you think I was going to say??

Montecristo Habana 2000

This gallery is dedicated to my friend Henry, here in Seattle, who gave me this very tastyMontecristo Habana 2000at a vendor fair on July 23rd. I finally got to smoke it the next day, but it seemed like a much longer wait!

Another Baccarat Belicoso

A Baccarat Belicoso again here. I really like those for in the morning with my coffee. (It got a little extra "hot" this morning LOL)

Be sure to check out the uncensored pics & video from this set! If you don't see the extra sub-album, become a Member today.

Story Time with a Baccarat Belicoso

Here I am smoking a Baccarat Belicoso and working on my latest cigar story.

2005.07.20 Mirsanda Revealed

Here you get to find out who Mirsanda really is! LOL. Did you guess it?

Check the erotica section to read about what Mirsanda does to naughty cigar sluts!

A "Grave" Situation

July 18, 2005 in the wee hours of the morning. Prowling around in the graveyard
while puffing on a Rosa Cuba.
And a big THANK YOU to Micah in Seattle for taking these pics. (and enjoying a great stoagie with me)

The uncensored versions of the pics in this set are available to Smokey Kisses Members!

Bagpipes & Bliss

July 9, 2005. Here I'm savoring an evening JR Alternative to La Gloria Cubana at the
Skagit Valley Highland Games, as I watch and listen to the Massed Bands.

And if you don't know what that is, you're missing out! It is when ALL the bagpipe and drum bands at the event march and play together. It is usually several HUNDRED pipers and drummers, and is nothing short of amazing!

Morning Smoke at Camp

July 9, 2005. Puffing on a Rosa Cuba after breakfast at my camp and getting ready for another day of Clan tents, bagpipes, athletic events, Highland dancing, and more at the Skagit Valley Highland games.

JR Alternative to La Gloria Cubana

June 11, 2004. Smoking aJR Alternative to La Gloria Cubana on a sunny afternoon in Seattle in these.


I found two of the photos and a thumbnail from this set, so it is officially removed from the missing set section. Hopefully, more will surface.
In them, I'm enjoying a JR alternative: LA ESCEPCION ESPECIAL A great, full bodied and somewhat spicy smoke.

Missing Sets

Unfortunately, the photos from these sets were lost some time ago. I still hold out hope that they may be found some day, perhaps on an old hard drive or CDR.


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