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Khaos' Cigar Erotica

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
...And sometimes it's all that and a whole lot more!

Here you will find bedtime stories to help you have hot, smokey dreams! There are several more stories in the works right now, so stay tuned. To find out how to have your own special cigar fantasy featured in a story here, click here. And, of course, if it is illegal to view erotic material in your local or if you are under legal age to do so, please go to another site!
Otherwise, grab a good smoke, something nice to drink, and enjoy your stay.
(The story files are actually located in the erotica section of another of my websites, so when you click the "back to writing" link from the story, you will be taken to a different page which contains additional, not smoking related erotica. To return here, use your browser's back button.)

The Photo Shoot


Public Smoke

Jose's Introduction

Cigar Fetish Musings

The writings here don't quite count as erotica, though some may find them erotic. They are simply some of my thoughts on the cigar fetish. This first writing offers a glimpse into the very beginings of my development of a cigar fetish, back in 1997.
Cigar Fetish - The Beginning

This next piece was written eight years later, in response to being asked what the smoking fetish meant to me.
The Smoking Fetish


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**Notice: ALL writing and images on this page are copyrighted material and may NOT be used without my permission! The odds of getting permission if you ASK are good, but if you just snag them and I find them, the odds of legal action are even better!