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Cigar Fetish - The Beginning


I'm going to write about something that happened the other day that took me quite by surprise. As a matter of fact, it caused me to rethink an earlier opinion on a post regarding the same subject:

I have a male friend who I see on a pretty regular basis, who also has an appreciation for good cigars. Now, I've found myself increasingly attracted to him anyway, so I'm sure that has at least some bearing on this, but it still doesn't fully explain my response!

As I was sitting in a local hangout talking to him and other friends and watching him play pool, he started the process of lighting a cigar and I found myself entranced. Watching him as he slowly heated the foot (end), then every so often taking small puffs, being sure not to get it too hot, too fast, thus spoiling the flavor, I was surprised to find myself growing excited. Still, I couldn't take my eyes off him - passing the tip of the cigar through the flame, brow furrowed in concentration, and, finally, when it was warmed and properly lit, a look of pure enjoyment on his face as he took an even draw and savored the taste.
And I, more than a little bit damp from excitement and inhaling the sweetly pungent aroma of a quality cigar, couldn't help but wonder if he would be so attentive a lover;
If he would pay close attention to the task at hand, patiently "heating things up", taking care not to rush the process, lest the desired result fall short of pure bliss, moving in and out of the "flame". Would his brow furrow in that same way, his eyes half closed in anticipation as he waited for the perfect moment to allow the glowing ember, fueled by his careful attentions, to burst into an all consuming flame, causing the explosion of lustful tension, finally allowed release?

This experience has had such an effect on me that, earlier tonight, at the same hangout, another friend, one of his regular pool partners, was smoking one of his customary cigars and I found myself breathing in the scent deliberately and thinking of him; hoping that he would show up, fantasizing about him. Then when he did arrive, as we were talking and joking together, I kept glancing at the wrapped cigar he had brought in with him and wishing he would light it up, so I could watch. I have become preoccupied with this...
Not just wanting him, but the cigar thing as well. Just writing this out is causing some delightful stirrings.

So, am I developing some sort of "cigar fetish", or what?
I don't know, but if so, I'm just going to enjoy it.

©Khaos WolfKat

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