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Latest News

Updated: 2023.04.24

The first IN PERSON PNW Cigar Enthusiasts Cigar Social is in the works!

This event will be one of many upcoming, virtual and in person PNW Cigar Enthusiasts and Smokey Kisses events, so please use the RSVP form to let me know if you would like to be included in the events mailing list (No spam, JUST notifications of events), and/or subscribe to my blog to be notified of the latest happenings.

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What it is

This is a cigar social for lovers of the leaf to gather and enjoy fine cigars and pairings, share tips, tricks, recs, and general conversation.
Depending on who shows up and how things go, we may also play games or music, eat food, or watch a film or something.

Notifications will be posted in the Facebook group with dates and times.

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When & Where

Date: Pending

Time: Pending

Location: Marysville, Washington. RSVP for address and directions.

Topic: Pending

There's no official topic for the first social, however, I plan to introduce some topics, speakers, demos, and other fun stuff for future dates, hopefully with input from attendees on what sorts of things everyone wants.

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What to expect

A casual and comfortable atmosphere, cigar smoking, discussion, answers to your cigar and accessory related questions, camaraderie, and a chance to see some old friends and make some new ones.

This event will be held at a private home in Marysville, with smoking in a comfortable, covered, heated or cooled, as needed, outdoor living room and dining room area, and/or around the adjacent, wood fire pit.

Good quality coffee (None of that Folgers swill!) and fixings will be provided, as well as small snacks, possibly some soft drinks, and, of course, filtered water to keep hydrated.
There will probably be s'mores fixings too, cause why not have a hot, delicious, gooey treat around the fire pit after a great cigar!?

I don't keep alcohol in the house, so if you want to imbibe responsibly, you'll need to bring your own. Just make sure you allow enough time to be safe to drive before end of event, or have a designated driver.
Feel free to bring something to grill, sides, snacks, etc. If you want to bring enough to share, cool. If not, that's cool too. Ice packs and coolers will be on hand to keep things chilled, and paper plates/cups that can go in the fire or compost after use will be provided.

Also feel free to bring musical instruments for improvised jam sessions, drum circles, sing alongs, or whatever, and/or board or card games to play. I've got a couple of drums and lots of games too, so this can easily become a game/jam night as well as the cigar part of the social. Let me know in the RSVP comments what you have to bring and want to play!

I may have a few cigars available from my personal collection, for those who want to trade or make a donation to the cigar fund, but you should definitely bring your own to smoke.
At some point, if there is enough attendance to warrant it, I plan to see if we can get reps out to do featured brands and such, but I have no idea if they do that for events at private homes. If nothing else (again, if there is enough interest/attendance), I can start doing a featured cigar, and having them available on site, for anyone who donates to the cause.

Speaking of donating to the cause, there is no charge for attending, but donations to help cover expenses will always be welcome!

I have dogs. One of them likes to bark at people when they first arrive, and she might seem scary, but she'll be your best friend as soon as you give her a (provided) treat and pet her, convincing her you are not there to eat her. Bonus points if you play with them!

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You must be over the age of 18 to attend this event.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave doors or gates open or let dogs out of the front door or back gates!!

While responsible pairing of alcohol with your cigars is perfectly fine, drunkenness is not. This is not a bar or a "party". It's a civilised gathering for cigar smokers and friends to enjoy the company of like minded folks. If you want to get smashed, go to a bar or a kegger or something.

Please also leave your pot at home, and if you smoke cigarettes, plan to step away from the main gathering areas, into another part of the yard to do so, and DO NOT leave butts on the ground (Gross!!). Put them in the fire pit or a butt can.

Don't be a douche. In other words...

Be polite and respectful of my home, household, property, and other attendees.

Clean up after yourself. Don't leave trash, half eaten food, dirty dishes, or other mess lying around for me to pick up.

Don't feed the dogs anything without checking with me first. They are not starving, no matter how convincingly they tell you they are. (DO have them do tricks for treats, or at least sit politely.)

Flush, wipe the seat if needed, leave the toiled seat and lid down, and otherwise leave things as you found them in my bathroom.

Don't enter bedrooms or mess with things in my house without asking. This ESPECIALLY applies to my desk and computer, but also includes general snooping, going through the fridge/cabinets/bins, etc. If you need/want/are curious about something, ASK.

Don't park in or blocking any driveways (other than mine), intersections, or the fire hydrant.

Don't personally attack, name call, (non consensually) insult, or otherwise be a jerk to anyone. This is a safe place to hang out and to discuss pretty much anything, as long as it is not encouraging non consensual or illegal acts. Intellectual discussion of those topics are ok, as long as they don't get out of hand. The same is true of political or religious discussions, so long as everyone can be civil.

This is NOT to be confused with the kind of "safe space" where everything comes with a trigger warning, and nothing can be said that might be uncomfortable or upsetting to those with thin skin who find everything to be some kind of "ist".

Bigotry of any kind is not tolerated, but you might hear things that are un-PC, irreverent, off colour, or otherwise potentially offensive to someone. If it's not coming from a place of hate or intolerance, put on your big kid undies and deal with it. If you disagree, do it politely. If you think someone is being mean on purpose, ask questions to clarify and maybe politely explain your position. Don't attribute to malice what may simply be lack of understanding.

It's an event for grown ups, so act like one (juvenile shenanigans, tomfoolery, fart, butt, or poop jokes, and other for fun foolishness still totally welcome and encouraged! Embrace your inner 12 year old. Just be cool to people and don't mess up my home).

Bottom line: Don't make me invoke the "don't be a douche" clause! You won't like it. I promise.

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RSVP Information

How and when to send an RSVP

When you RSVP to a private event, please bear in mind that you are requesting entry to to someone's home. Simply sending a message demanding a stranger's address is quite rude, and simply unacceptable. (Yes; People have done this, repeatedly). That will guarantee an invitation to find something else to do, somewhere far away from my home.

It is customary, when asking to attend a private event hosted by someone you do not know, to politely introduce yourself and let them know why you would like to attend their event.

Ideally, you should RSVP at least five days prior to the event - preferably as SOON as you know you want to attend - and absolutely no later than 24 hours prior to the event to insure a spot for you. Last minute requests will be considered based on circumstances, but should not be a pattern.

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RSVP form

Please take time to ensure the entire form is filled out with the requested information.

You can also use this form to ask questions regarding the event.

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E-Mail Address: *
Are you, or will you be over the age of 18 on the event date? Yes   No   *
Have you fully read, and do you agree to abide by the event rules at all times while attending? Yes   No   *
Have you attended a Cigar Social before? Yes   No   *
Additional information/Comments/Questions:

Please include anything else you feel I should know or
any questions you have in this space.
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