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Things Khaos Wants

[Cigars] [Cigar Accessories] [Fetish Items] [Miscellaneous]


~ Cigars ~

My top 10 favorites lists

JR Cigars wishlist

Cojimar Sambucas One flavored cigar that I actually like a lot (I don't usually go for the flavored ones)

Cigars of Habanos ANY cigars from this site!

Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Maduro They're hard to find in stock anywhere, which is sad, cause they are my absolute favorite! BIG Kudos to anyone who can find those for me!!

If you buy me cigars, in addition to membership/access, you will also get some nice pics of me smoking *your* gift to me, which will go right to you before they ever go into any gallery.. and you will have any photo set from the cigars you send to me dedicated to you as a show of my gratitude.
Remember... More cigars to smoke means MORE PICS!

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~ Cigar Accessories ~

Digital Hygrometers (I'd eventually like to have 3)

Nice Large(ish) Humidor (25- 50 cigar capacity)

Nice Travel Humidor (5- 10 cigar capacity)

Personalized/Engraved cigar lighters, cutters, punches. A great way for me to think of you every time I light up!

Same as with the cigars, I will be sure to get good pics with your gift to send to you. (but you have to promise not to laugh at me if I have a big goofy smile for a really great gift!! LOL)

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~ Fetish Items ~

The Humiliator  

This is a great product from Scott Paul Presents It is a gag that supports all kinds of nifty attachments, but the one that really caught my eye is the ashtray attachment.
Click the link to go to the product website, or either of the pics to see the full size pictures.

Bull Moosehide Flogger From Bare Leatherworks

Deerhide Flogger   From Bare Leatherworks. Preferably in purple and black

Massage Flogger   From Bare Leatherworks. Preferably in purple and black

Midsize Elkhide Flogger   From Bare Leatherworks. I'd REALLY like a pair of these, preferably in purple and black

Wrist Cuffs   From Bare Leatherworks. Preferably in purple and black

Ankle Cuffs   From Bare Leatherworks. Preferably in purple and black

Wartenberg Wheel I'd like an all metal or metal and purple one or 2 of these.
Available at kinkymedical.com and medical supply houses.

Rolling Drum   Available at kinkymedical.com and medical supply houses.

Metal Needle Hammer   Available at kinkymedical.com and medical supply houses.

Rope! From RainbowRope.com. 3/8" or5/16" solid braid MFP in 30, 50 or 100 foot lengths. Colors I especially want are purple, silver, burgundy, hunter & light pink (as opposed to hot pink)

Violet Wand I've been wanting one of these for YEARS! The best place I know of to get them new is Violetwands.net AKA Eclectic Electric. The more attatchments, the better!

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~ Miscellaneous stuff ~

Memory cards: For my new camcorder! So I can film extra long video segments with no trouble. Type: MS Pro Duo, such as these

USB Extension Cord: Received!

Laptop: Received! I am now able to take my smoking pictures and upload them, or smoke on webcam for you anywhere I go!


To send/have items sent to me from sites that I don't have an actual wishlist on, contact me via Email: Khaos(at)smokeykisses.com or send me a Yahoo message at smokey_kisses and I will give you a shipping address.


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