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Pro & Cam Sessions with Khaos

[Cam Chat]   [Pro Domme]   [Pro submission]  

In person Pro-Domme & Pro-sub sessions are temporarily on hold at the moment. I am in the process of moving, and will resume once I am settled in.
A limited number of virtual pro session and smoking cam chat time slots are still available during this time.

My private, nearly undivided attention can be had for my most devoted of fans, who are willing to contribute to my cause. Whether you just want to spend time with me as I smoke a fine cigar just for you (ok.. also for me!), or wish to delve into more deviant delectations, I am happy to take you on a wonderous journey into your deepest desires.

I do not discriminate based on age (provided you are over the age of 18), gender, gender identity, orientation, appearance, race, ethnicity, creed, religion/lack of religion, weight, body type, disability, etc.

Smokey Cam Chats

Cam chat is just what it sounds like; A video chat session with me as I smoke one or more cigars and converse with you. Special requests absolutely welcome and encouraged.
I host members only smokey cam chat sessions from time to time, which are always announced on my blog and the Smokey Kisses Facebook page. Those are more intimate than the public events.

You can also schedule private, one on one cam chats with me, if you'd like me almost all yourself. You'll still have to share me with my cigar and coffee.. and maybe some chocolate, but other than that, it will be just the two of us. Click here for more information or to schedule.

Pro Domme

Submit to me and confess your secret (or not so secret), dark cravings, then fall into my abyss to be taken as far as you dare into your own perverse fantasies at my whim as you serve my pleasure. Click here for more information or to schedule.

Pro submission

Or perhaps you think you have what it takes to subdue the Mistress and compel her to your feet as an obedient submissive or slave. It can be done, but only if you know the right words and phrases. Click here for more information or to schedule.

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