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Pro Sessions with Khaos

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In person Pro-Domme sessions are temporarily on hold at the moment. I am in the process of moving, and will resume once I am settled in.
A limited number of IM, private chat/video chat, and telephone session appointments are still available during this time, and I am accepting inquiries regarding future sessions, but not currently scheduling.

Sessions are available on an appointment-only basis, in Marysville, Washington, a bit North of Seattle. IM, private chat/video chat, or telephone sessions may also be scheduled.

It is very important that you read this entire page before attempting to schedule a session. Failure to follow protocol or instructions will result in your petition being delayed, rejected, or additional steps or tribute needed for approval.


I will dominate most anyone who approaches me respectfully and is committed to abiding by my rules.
I do not discriminate based on age (provided you are over the age of 18), gender, gender identity, orientation, appearance, race, ethnicity, creed, religion/lack of religion, weight, body type, disability, etc.
There may be certain situations where disability, weight, or other factors limit particular types of play, however, those will only be for practical/safety considerations, and I will make every effort possible to make alterations to accommodate such things. I can be very creative in finding solutions to challenges. That said, I will never compromise when it comes your safety or mine.

If I deign to grace you with my time and attention for a session, remember... I am in charge! I won't violate your limits, and we will talk in depth about those, as well as potential triggers and such, because I want to make sure my subs/bottoms/slaves are taken care of, but make no mistake - you are not calling the shots here.

You are not a "paying customer" and you are not "always right". There is One who is always right in our sessions. I am certain you can guess who that will be! You are the petitioner. I am the Sovereign. The tribute you make to me is just that - a tribute - which you make in consideration of my decision to find you worthy of my time, my touch, and my not so tender mercies.

I will, on occasion, "service top", if it pleases me. If that is what you want, you will need to be VERY clear about that up front. If you want a specific scene, tell me so, and we may be able to negotiate that.

If you tell me you want to serve me, or "let" me have my way with you, I will take you at your word. That means I will have MY way with you - not your way. Trying to manipulate me into "forcing" you to live out all your kinky fantasies under the guise of "serving" me will not go over well. At all.

I am a sadist!!
This means that I enjoy hurting people, and will enjoy your suffering. Your tears please me. So do your screams and pleas for mercy... Not that any mercy is likely to be forthcoming.

If you have been sufficiently pleasing, I may also indulge in rewarding you with things you especially enjoy. After all, I do sometimes enjoy screams of pleasure as well as those of pain.

Expect to be thoroughly interrogated prior to your first session about your fantasies, likes, dislikes, fears, and limits, so that I can fashion a scene geared to make the most of those things for our mutual benefit (Just always remember that I'm running the show!).

If you aren't sure what you are "into" or what you want, that's not a problem. I am extremely experienced in providing people with their first BDSM experiences, and well skilled and intuitive when it comes to helping discover one's "hidden" kinks. If it's your first time, I will tread carefully, with the focus on finding what does it for you. I can almost guarantee you will find delights you never knew you would enjoy!

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Sessions will generally be scheduled at my personal dungeon, in my home, just East of Everett, Washington.

I will not come to your home, personal dungeon, or hotel room, or any other location which I have not thoroughly vetted and approved.
Well established clients, with whom I have developed a strong bond of mutual trust, may be granted exceptions to this at my discretion, provided your space meets with my approval in terms of comfort, convenience, and personal safety (yours and mine).

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I have over thirty years of experience in BDSM as a practitioner, student, and educator, and have been heavily involved in the Seattle scene for the majority of those years.

My experience is from both sides of the "leash", as it were. My leather didn't come from the first cow or anything, but I was mentored in back in the days when that meant that you started out with someone(s) teaching you about BDSM etiquette and techniques, introducing you around to others, and basically making sure you knew what you were doing before being set loose on your own.

I started out, as was the custom back then, as a bottom, sponsored in by established members of the community. The idea was that you had to learn how to submit before you could learn to dominate, and that you should know what things feel like before you do them to another person. I still believe this is a good idea, and feel that the current age of, "Instant Dom/me: Just add leather and whips!" does a disservice to our community as a whole.

As was also customary back then, I was required to put in my time volunteering at local dungeons and events as I "learned the ropes" from those more experienced than I.
Over time, I learned proper scene etiquette, safety, negotiation skills, as well as the care, handling, and effective use of the various tools, implements, and toys of what it is that we do.

I have fully owned multiple slaves over the years, and have dominated and/or topped countless subs, slaves, bottoms, switches, thrill seekers, masochists, people just trying out something new, and even dom/mes, tops, masters, and mistresses as it pleased them. I was also a fully owned slave for several years, and have submitted and bottomed to many, in a huge variety of situations, so I have a well rounded understanding of what it is like to be on the other side, and bring that knowledge and experience into every session.

I am still an active member of the community and a regular volunteer at Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center, where I have been a volunteer since the beginning, and have held key leadership positions.

I can, and will gladly provide references on request. Better still, I am well known in the community - All you have to do is ask around, and you are certain to find people who will share their experiences with and knowledge of me. I feel this is a better approach. That way you can be certain that you are getting a balanced view, rather than the possibility of my only sending you to those who I know will speak well of me. I am sure there are some who don't like me, though, I am equally certain that the majority of people you ask, even those who dislike me, will tell you that I am safe (if not necessarily completely "sane" - where's the fun in that!?), trustworthy, and will always put the safety and well being of those in my charge before anything else.

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Activities Available

If you don't see your particular interests listed here or on my limits list, ask me about it. I may be interested and/or have forgotten to include it. My website, like my slave and subs, is constantly being updated, improved, and otherwise tweaked, twiddled, and fiddled.

While I will not touch your genitals or anus in a sexual fashion, you may be permitted, if it pleases me, to touch yourself and/or use sex toys, plugs, stretchers, and the like on yourself for my amusement.

Unless otherwise noted, I have the implements required for everything listed.

Specialities - I am particularly skilled and experienced with:
Biting, bondage (police style cuffs and manacles, leather/rubber wrist & ankle cuffs, chains, locks, medieval style restraints), breast/nipple teasing/torture, breath control, bloodplay, caning (sensual and otherwise), choking, cigar/hot ash play, cutting, decorative scarification, D/s, fear/terror play, fire cupping, fireplay, flogging, foot and boot worship & service, forced smoking, hair pulling, high protocol service, knifeplay, mindfuck, needles (play piercing/permanent piercing), personal service, punching, S&M, Sensual touch, slave training (positions, protocol, paces, etc), slicing/ripping clothes off, taking trophies (blood vials, panties, shredded/bloodied clothing, a lock of hair, ...??...).

I am well skilled and experienced with:
Electricity (TENS/Violet wands/electric flyswatter, shock collars), rope - decorative and utilitarian, predicament bondage, cellpopping/microbranding, CBT, pussy torture, clamps, clothes pins, spanking, paddles, other thuddy and stingy impact toys (I have LOTS!!), take downs, kicking, being the villain, interrogations and torture, corporal punishment.

I am moderately skilled and experienced with:
Small singletails, sutures, medical play, humiliation/degradation, forced feminisation, pet training, forced bisexuality, queer/trans prejudice play (*requires additional negotiation and safe signals*), strap-ons (*no anal/vaginal penetration*).

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Implements and Equipment

Toys, restraints, etc.

I have managed to amass a great quantity of "tools" over the years, many of them custom made to order or hand made myself.

Among them are a wide assortment of floggers, from the deliciously "thuddy" to impossibly "stingy" and made from everything from leather, to horsehair, rope, rubber, and satin, crops, tawses, singletail whips, paddles of all shapes, sizes, and materials, whompers, Nerf bats, rubber hoses, slappers, canes, fur, silk, clamps, clips, clothespins, textured gloves, blindfolds, daggers, wartenberg wheels, needle hammers, needles galore - both piercing and hypos, scalpels, sutures, TENS, shock collars, zappers, a violet wand with LOTS of attachments, hundreds of feet of rope in varying colours and sizes, chains, shackles, manacles, cuffs, masks, hoods, blindfolds, gags, collars, leashes, branding and cell popping equipment, fire wands, fire cups, sensation toys, and all manner of other novelties and pervertibles.

If there are particular items you wish to be incorporated into a session, let me know. If, by some off chance, I don't have it, you have the option of bringing your own to be used, bringing it as a tribute gift, or otherwise assisting me in acquiring said item(s).

Items such as cock rings, chastity devices, or "insertables" (unless they can be safely and thoroughly autoclaved and/or chemically sterilised to medical specifications) must be purchased by the client for their sole usage. These items may be brought to each session or left with me for safe keeping, where they will be stored in a sealed and labelled container, reserved for that client only.

BDSM Furniture

I currently have a bondage/massage table, a lovely table cage, portable kennel cage, and an amazing, convertible, Tetruss "portable dungeon", which can be configured as a cross, rack, spanking sling "bench", swing, CBT or pussy torture rack, full suspension frame, medieval style set of neck, wrist, and ankle stocks (pillory) for those who need that sort of punishment, and more. Also planned for when I resume is a St Andrews cross specially designed to attach to my Tetruss, a sawhorse style spanking bench with arm and leg rails, and several other delightful additions to my new play space.

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NEVER show up at my residence uninvited for any reason. This includes loitering on the property before or after your session(s). Violating this boundary will result in, at BEST, a forever ban on future sessions with me, and your name, description, and nature of the violation being given to every other Domme I know, far and wide, and then every one THEY know, and so on. At worst, you could find yourself facing serious legal troubles. Just do not.

Now, with that bit of unpleasant necessity out of the way...

You should present yourself for your scheduled session on time. If you arrive early to the area (which is a good idea), you should wait in your vehicle until the exact time at which you have been instructed to make contact. If you are running late or will be unable to keep your appointment, you must contact me as soon as you become aware of the fact. You will be provided with additional contact information and specific directions, address, and instructions for parking, cancelling, rescheduling, or informing me of delays when your session is scheduled.

You will be expected to arrive clean, well groomed, appropriately attired, and free from any sort of excessive scents, especially chemical fragrances. This means shower/bathe, wash your hair, brush your teeth, and tend to any odour prone areas before you make the trip.
If you will be coming directly from work or a long drive/bus ride, you may make arrangements with me (in advance!) to take care of these things immediately upon arrival, before the start of the actual session. This will count as part of your session time, but will be charged at half the per hour rate, as it does not require my direct attention.

ALWAYS mind your manners. You will be expected to treat me as a Sovereign/Goddess is to be treated at all times. That includes respecting my domain. This means refraining from entering any areas other than the playroom and restroom, as needed, unless you are specifically invited, handling my belongings, using linens or other items not specifically provided for your use, or adjusting lights, heating, cooling, music, etc. If you need anything or would like something adjusted, let me know and I will see to it as I deem appropriate. Failure to abide by these simple rules runs the risk of being banished from my presence.

It is appropriate for tribute gifts and any tribute not paid in advance to be tendered at the beginning of each session.

There will be a short negotiation, emotional/mental/physical "check-in", and clarification at the beginning of each session, regardless of the extent of prior negotiations. It is important for me to know your frame of mind at the time, and to be aware of any issues which may crop up.

You should arrive well hydrated, at least reasonably well rested, and having eaten within a reasonable time frame before your scheduled session, unless we will be dining as part of your time with me. If you have not had a session with me before, it is preferred that you have a safe call set up. (More about safe calls here and here) I also prefer to have an emergency contact for you. If you are uncomfortable providing me directly with that information, you should, at the least, have emergency contact information on your person, whether on your phone, in a pocket, etc., so I can access it just in case.

If you have any allergies, health conditions (whether physical, mental, or emotional), injuries, sore spots, etc, they must be disclosed to me prior to any session, as well as any known "triggers" and information regarding appropriate measures to be taken in the event of an episode. If you are diabetic, asthmatic, or dependent on any medications, you will ensure that you have properly medicated, and that you have any life saving medications, quick glucose supply, inhalers, epi pens/kits, etc with you on site (not in your car!) and make certain that I know where they are and how to use them if needed. I am a retired first responder and do have first aid and trauma kits on site, but better to be safe than sorry.
All of these health and disclosure requirements are in place so that I can further ensure your safety, and make sure that, in the unlikely event of an emergency, I am able to get the right kind of help for you as quickly as possible. I don't like my toys to get broken.

Safe words/signals are to be used as a tool to alert me that something is about to or has gone wrong. They are not to be used as an attempt to control the session. I do not tolerate "topping from the bottom" unless that has been specifically negotiated, in which case, you will be given other verbal and non-verbal signals.

I also highly recommend reading this excellent article on meeting a Pro Domme for the first time. I don't actually mind if you aren't sure what you want, as noted earlier on this page, but the rest of the article is spot on!

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These are things which will not be involved in any professional session with me.

Minors, animals, drunk/high people, dead people, or anyone else legally unable to give informed consent.

Non-consensually involving others.
This includes breaching the confidentiality of others or bringing anyone with you to a session without full disclosure to them and to me, beforehand.

Intentional injuries*
ie: broken bones, sprains, head trauma, cuts requiring stitches (unless suturing is part of the scheduled session), or anything else that should be seen to in hospital.

Exchange of bodily fluids*.

Scat, piss, vomit, or any other bodily waste play*.

Age play
(including "teacher/mommy/daddy/aunt/incest/etc" type dynamics)

Sex and sexual touching*.
No, there is no chance, whatsoever, of your being the special exception to this.

The only things I will do with your genitals involve CBT/PT (Yay!).

You are scheduling a session for professional domination, not hiring a sex worker. If you wish to hire a sex worker, there are many reputable ones to be found with some careful searching in your area.

As such, there will be no face sitting/queening, blowjobs, handjobs, fingering, "forcing" you to touch my genitals in any way whatsoever, worshipping my body in any sexual fashion, touching your body in a sexual fashion, etc. If you attempt to beg, cajole, guilt, or otherwise manipulate me into any of the above, including "accidental" touches, or "not being able to control yourself", it will immediately end the session, as well as any hope of future sessions with me.
Ever. Period.
(NOTE: Being unable to control an erection, vaginal lubrication, or ejaculation is understandable and won't end play. It may give me ammo to TORMENT you, and you may well be punished for climaxing without permission, however, it will not be grounds for dismissal.)

Removing Safeguards
Sessions will be monitored by a third part directly on site or nearby to endure my limits are respected and that I not harmed. Any attempts to remove, bypass, or otherwise interfere with said monitoring will end your session immediately with no refund, and law enforcement may be called as necessary.

* Some limits may not be applicable to Virtual Sessions, subject to negotiation.

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Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are sessions conducted via video, voice, or text chat, or by telephone, and can be an alternative to in person sessions for any number of reasons. Such reasons may include: not being ready for an in-person session, shyness, physical limitations, fantasies not able (or desired) to be fulfilled in real life, distance, time constraints, finances, and countless other issues. I am not here to judge your preferences (unless it's part of the session! LOL).
Due to the nature of virtual sessions, certain limits (those marked with an *asterisk) may not apply, and many activities or fantasies which would not otherwise be feasible can be included and explored.

Virtual sessions tend to require less advance notice, and can sometimes even be scheduled the same day.

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Sessions are available by appointment, and generally require at least one week advance scheduling. Sessions with shorter notice may be available, though will likely incur a surcharge to cover the inconvenience of juggling my calendar and/or planning a quality session without as much lead time.

Weekends and bank holidays tend to fill up especially quickly and are usually booked fairly far out. If you are not available during the week, it is recommended that you schedule as far in advance as you are able, in order to secure the day of your choice.

Before scheduling an initial session, you must submit a client application form, which is to be filled out completely and accurately. You should expect to be contacted via email within 24 - 48 hours with any additional questions or clarifications I may have for you. If I find you of sufficient interest, I will provide you with further instructions and available dates/times. Established clients may contact me directly, using the form(s) of communication I have provided and allowed.

Virtual sessions may be scheduled as little as an hour or two in advance, depending on my availability and convenience. Of course, the more lead time you provide, the higher the likelihood of my availability to favour you with my time and attention.

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Tribute for in-person sessions is $300.00 (minimum tribute) for the first 90 minutes, $250.00 for the first additional hour, and $100.00 per hour thereafter.
All session time after the initial 90 minutes is prorated in 15 minute increments.

Sessions may be less than 90 minutes, if your time is limited, however, this will not affect the minimum tribute for new clients.
Established clients in good standing may be able to schedule shorter sessions without the normal, minimum tributee.

A non-refundable* deposit of $250.00 toward the tribute must be paid no more than 24 hours after scheduling a session, until a client is well established and remains in good standing. If the deposit is not received within that time period, the session will be cancelled and any future session will require a deposit before scheduling. If the session is cancelled by the client at least 48 hours before the scheduled session, the deposit may be applied to a future session.
Cancelling a session less than 48 hours in advance will result in forfeiture of your full deposit, except in cases of true emergency, in which case, it can be used toward a future session, less any costs incurred in preparing for your session.

* Deposits WILL be refunded, or may be used toward a future session if client prefers, in the event that *I* cancel the session for personal reasons, unrelated to any breach of rules or protocol by the client.

I accept payment via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, pre-loaded Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards, or cash. PayPal is the preferred payment method, and has the added benefit of including a dispute resolution process for your peace of mind, in case you are concerned that I may take your money and no-show. Charges and invoices processed through PayPal will appear as, "Individual Guidance Coaching Session". All payments, regardless of form, must clear at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

It is customary, appropriate, and appreciated for a client to bring some token of appreciation to a session with a Domina, known as a tribute gift. This is much like the practise of bringing a host gift to a party. As with any gift, the more personal and well thought out the gift, the more it shows your thoughtfulness.

Tribute for virtual sessions is $100.00 per hour for private video chat, $75.00 per hour for voice only, and $50.00 per hour for private text chat or IM. All virtual sessions are calculated in 15 minute increments. Payment for the first 15 minutes must clear in advance of the session.

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If desired, all or part of your session can be photographed for a nominal, additional fee. Photos from your session will be provided to you as soon as they are processed and uploaded, and are available for your unlimited, personal use. Photos not containing persons other than yourself may also be used by you for any commercial purposes you desire.

Photos containing any images of persons besides yourself require written permission from all parties before publishing or making available to the public in any form. This includes posting on profiles, blogs, tumblr, etc.

All photos may be used on my profiles or websites. Faces, distinctive marks or hairstyles, and any other identifying features will be blocked, for your privacy, unless you give specific, written consent for the use of your likeness by filling out a model consent form, which will be provided to you if applicable.

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**Notice: ALL writing and images on this page are copyrighted material and may NOT be used without my permission! The odds of getting permission if you ASK are good, but if you just snag them and I find them, the odds of legal action are even better!