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Client Application Form

Remember, I despise "text speak", laziness, or rudeness.

Take the time to answer questions completely and respectfully, take time to spell-check and proofread your message, and do not send me wank fodder or erotica.
If you wish to share your erotic stories or fantasies with me, that can be done as part of a session.

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A scene name or nickname is acceptable.
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Preferred Area:Enter "Phone", "IM", "Chat", etc, if you desire a virtual session.
If you are not familiar with the Seattle area, include where you are staying, and I will assist in finding something convenient.
(North of Everett, South of Sea Tac, East of Lake Washington, and West of the Puget Sound requires paying for my travel)
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Type of Session Desired:

Be as specific as possible. Indicate type(s) of dynamic, desired implement/equipment types, special requests for music selections, attire, food or drink, etc. If you aren't sure, say so. I can work with you to help you figure it out. *
Additional information:

Include anything else you feel I should know or questions you have in this space.



**Notice: ALL writing and images on this page are copyrighted material and may NOT be used without my permission! The odds of getting permission if you ASK are good, but if you just snag them and I find them, the odds of legal action are even better!