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Smokey Kisses Guest Sets

Featuring Smokin' Hot Cigar Ladies and those who serve them.
(Sets are ordered newest first.)


Mistress Tazha tops the evening off with one last cigarette in a racy red long holder.
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After his ordeal with my cigar, SnapDragon goes after Fireseeker with another cigarette, this time in a sleek and sexy long, black cigarette holder.
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The formidable beauty, Mistress Tazha is back, this time with a little Swisher Sweet to up the ante on our hungry smoke slut.
After that, I lit up a real cigar and took him to the edge.
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The lovely SnapDragon lights up another cigarette and takes up where Mistress Tazha left off, without a break for the Fireseekers tortured cock.
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Mistress Tazha "warms up" the Smokey slut, Fireseeker with the hot cherry of her filtered cigarette.
See all 17 ofthe photos in this set, completely uncensored in the Members Only section!



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