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Cigar Video Chat

You may have to scroll down a bit for the cam window, but I wanted to include a few pointers for using the chat and video on demand.
If you don't have ad blocking enabled on your browser, then you will probably have to watch a short video advertisement (which I have no control over) before you get to the live feed/recorded videos. You do not have to have a Livestream account to watch videos or use the chat room. It will make you put in a user name when you first use the chat, but that isn't the same as creating an account.
If you are having trouble typing into the chat room, try refreshing the page, or re-entering your nickname. If it tells you the name is already in use, just make a slight change to the name and try again.
I'll be trying to go live as often as I can, now that the weather is getting nicer, and will be trying to build up the video library. To watch videos from the library, just click on the videos tab and slelect a show. You can switch between the chat and videos tab without interrupting your viewing.




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