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The Sensuous Side of Cigar Smoking

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
...And sometimes it's all that and a whole lot more!
~ Khaos WolfKat

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There's nothing quite like the exquisite pleasure of enjoying a good cigar.
And, like many of life's finer luxuries, it is enhanced when paired with equally superb experiences… select wines, delectable chocolates, first-rate coffees, the list goes on.
Of course, I would be remiss if I neglected to address the sensual aspects surrounding cigars. Selecting them, preparing them, smoking them, watching others smoke them, perhaps servicing them, and, if we're really lucky, even more!

This site is for those who appreciate a woman smoking a cigar as an erotic experience. I hope you enjoy it!
There are lots of pictures of me savoring my fine cigars, some very hot smokey stories and my cigar blog is almost a site of it's own, with cigar ratings, news, my thoughts, special opportunities for my fans and of course all the latest news on updates to this site.
Check back often, as I do add things frequently.



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