This Cigar Ms Khaos is Enjoying deservers its OWN Album...

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This Cigar Ms Khaos is Enjoying deservers its OWN Album...

Unread postby Cgrwmnsc51 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:08 am

in my orginal group :

The New Album is called A CasaBlancaJBM - Khaos W

Ms Khaos is enjoying in the 52 photos... 1 of the worlds largest in diameter a 66
ring gauge & 10 inch long cigar called a Casa Blanca Jerobaum. She is dressed
very sensually & seductive in a front-zip cloth tank top & tight form fitting
leather pants.

I'm sure it took hours or maybe even a day & a 1/2 or more to completly enjoy
this high quality expensive cigar sent to her by an adoring overseas cigar friend
& fan.

Hope to see more of her enjoying another of these large cigars ( if she still has
1 or more saved back to do a new set slowly enjoying it in the near future ! ) 8-)

same rules apply as for all her albums & all others in this group in regards to
posting comments

A heartfelt word of thank you is not enough to Ms Khaos for aharing all her
great cigar photos with our group.

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