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Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:36 pm
by KhaosWolfKat
Welcome, PNW cigar enthusiasts!

I created this group with the hope that those of us who are in Seattle and the surrounding areas can network with one another and create community.

As all smokers in Washington know well, Initiative 901 really screwed us, big time! There used to be several cigar bars, clubs, and lounges in Seattle and other parts of the state, but apparently, people who want to go to a CIGAR BAR, should be able to do so without having to deal with icky cigar smoke. Eew!

...And I should be able to go to the doctor without having to be around sick people! <insert massive eye rolling here!>

Anyway, there are still some places we can go to enjoy our stoagies, and it is my hope that this group will help us all find them.

I would LOVE to see some cigar friendly game nights organized (probably not gonna be allowed at the casinos, since they want us to play THEIR games..but we'll see. Doesn't hurt to ask, at least!), perhaps at private residences or something.

I plan on hosting some cigar/game nights myself in the near future, out on my deck. Now that it's summertime, there's ample opportunity for outdoor smoking without freezing off anything important, and I plan on installing a shed/shelter before the cold weather comes.

A space heater, some lighting, seating, a table, small fridge and some art could definitely make a shed into a nice little smoking room.

In the meantime, however, I'm looking for other alternatives as well, just like the rest of the smokers in the nanny state of Washington!

I know there is Club Vertigo, but I suspect that most of us don't happen to have a thousand bucks lying around to purchase a membership!

Sooo.. Share your info, ask questions, make new friends, invite other smokers to the forum, etc!

This is our forum and discussion is not limited to cigar talk.. though advertisements ARE limited to local, cigar related things, so please don't spam us, or you will find yourself moderated.

Thanks a lot and welcome aboard!

~ Khaos