Upcoming items for auction

This area is where you will find special offers of various items. Sometimes, it will be a simple auction, other times there may be contests or special games, "quests", or whatnot to make it a little more fun. If there is a particular item or type of item that you'd like to see in this section, feel free to post it in the Suggestion Box

Upcoming items for auction

Unread postby KhaosWolfKat » Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:48 pm

Hello there my fellow smokers and fans!

So, until there are a few more people registered on the forums, I won't start any actual auctions, but I thought I would post some information about the kinds of things that I will be auctioning off.
There are a couple things which will definitely available, as well as some other ideas that I kind of have rattling about in my head.

Items that I will for sure be posting for auction
• Panties - Worn by me with photos.
• Cigar shorts (ie: the cigar butts from cigars I have smoked) - Some will be from specific shoots.
• Cigars from my personal stash, which have been aged in my humidors and touched to my lips before they are sent to you.
• Private voice and cam chat smoking sessions. (Times and dates will be negotiated to be most optimal for auction winners)
• Personalised photo and video shoots.

Things I am thinking of auctioning
• Personalised stories (Stories composed directly from your fantasies, which you will tell to me).
• Other clothing items, such as lingerie, stockings/socks, bras, etc.
• Signed prints of my smoking photos.

There will be some exciting variations on all these things in the Members Only section. For instance, panties worn whilst pleasuring myself, cigars which have been "specially flavoured", more intense voice/cam chat sessions, with more than simply smoke and conversation, voice/cam domination, real life sessions for those local enough or able to travel to me (or finance me travelling to you), and all sorts of other fun things!

I am absolutely open to more suggestions from you, my friends and fans! If there is something you'd like to be available, just let me know by posting or dropping me a line, and I'll do my best to make it so.
~ Khaos
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