What I love about smoking cigars

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What I love about smoking cigars

Unread postby KhaosWolfKat » Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:36 pm

I'm going to go ahead and kick off this section with the answer to a question that was posed on this thread on FetLife. (You need to be a member to see the page. It's free.)
The question was:
"What is it about SMOKE and smoking that you love SO much?? "

Here is my response to it.

For me, it is really a very multi faceted thing..

First, there is the enjoyment of the smoking itself.
I am an avid cigar smoker, and also enjoy smoking hookah, and the occasional pipe, clove, bidi, and the like.
This post will mostly be about the cigar smoking though.

I warn you, this will be a very long post, as smoking cigars, both for the love of the leaf in its own regard, as well as all the connotations of power, allure, sex, domination, fetish, and more that go along with it, is a deep passion for me.

I don't smoke because of some addiction to nasty chemicals.. I smoke because I love to savour the finer pleasures in life, one of which is enjoying a premium cigar.

There is the ritual..
Choosing it, inspecting the colour, texture, aroma, using all my senses to appreciate the cigar before it ever even touches my lips. Then, gathering the tools and accompaniments - deciding what I will pair it with, usually a complimenting beverage and some dark, gourmet chocolate. The type and flavour will depend on the characteristics of the cigar in question. I always try to have cold water along with whatever else I'm drinking, to keep myself well hydrated and to periodically clear my palate.

Next, the cut.. Will I use a cutter or a punch? V cut or straight cut? Which lighter will I use, or will I go with wooden matches or cedar? (this usually depends on the environment and weather)

Only then do I actually get down to the business of taking my time to toast the foot of my cigar, slowly, methodically, until it is ready to light on its own just from the careful toasting.
I almost always use the light and cut method, as it keeps the flavour perfect from the very first puff. I blow on the foot a bit as I rotate the stick, for a nice, even light. I breathe in the smoke.. delight in the aroma and a bit of the flavour, which is different before the actual smoking. Once it is lit to my satisfaction, it is time to cut or punch it. Again, this is done with utmost care and precision, and is, in itself, as part of my smoking ritual, an important part of the enjoyment of the cigar for me.

Then.. the smoking
Finally, it is time for the much anticipated first puff. This is my first full taste of the smoke, and even if it is a brand I have enjoyed hundreds of times, it is a new experience every time. I often close my eyes as I take in that first mouthful of thick, luxurious smoke. I roll it over and under my tongue, let it touch every surface of my mouth, to register on every one of my taste receptors, let a bit escape past my lips, licking them to taste the residue there, then let the smoke billow out, smelling it once again, watching as I blow rings or balls, or just great clouds with every puff, again, experiencing the smoke with all my senses. I enjoy the feel of the stick in my hand, the tactile sensations of the wrapper on my skin.. on my lips, the feel of the shape of the particular cigar in my mouth, clamped between my lips, maybe clenched in my teeth from time to time, the feel of the tip against my tongue. It is all important - all a part of the overall adventure.

At intervals, I take a sip of my beverage of choice or water, or put a small piece of chocolate in my mouth, to slowly melt as I smoke. Not enough to overpower the cigar at any time, but just to enhance the flavour.. perhaps to bring out additional complexities of the smoke I wouldn't have otherwise noticed or appreciated as much.

Adding in the allure
All this is even when I am simply enjoying a smoke alone. When in the company of others, or even out where I am not directly interacting with anyone, but in public where others can see me, there are always at least one or two who are snared.. who can't help but take a second look, or a third, or outright stare. Usually, these are men, but there is the occasional lady as well.
This is when I really feel the power that smoking a cigar gives me. I can look them in the eye.. let them know they have been caught looking. Lock my gaze with theirs, knowing they are unable to draw their eyes away. They are ensnared.. captivated. Mine, if only for a moment, to do with as I please. I will often then take an extended draw.. hold it in and watch as their eyes grow wider. Perhaps they start to squirm a bit, maybe blush, or try to hide the growing bulge in their trousers. They sometimes try to look away, and maybe even succeed for an instant, but they always look back, and I am there to direct a stream of my smoke in their direction, or perhaps let it build around me, obscuring their view of me for a moment in time.

The Power
When I find someone who is especially affected, perhaps a friend or acquaintance who I see regularly, I will make a point of teasing them with my cigar. I'll look right at them as I light up.. I will fellate the cigar and watch with delight as they temporarily forget how to breathe. I may as well be holding their cock in my had, for the control I have over their pleasure; their desire right then. For years, every time I saw a certain person in this group, I would deliberately bend down to "fix my shoe", or sit right next to where he was standing, the tip of my lit cigar right at his crotch level. I would take a long, hard drag, so he might even feel the heat, knowing how much he wanted to feel my cigar on his flesh, and denying him even as I teased mercilessly.
Yes, I am a sadist. And denial can be just as cruel as inflicting direct pain or suffering.
I will blow the smoke in their faces. Often, with my lips oh-so-close to theirs, watching them lick their own lips, wishing they could close the distance, yet knowing they mustn't dare. They must be content to simply worship me and wish for more. Such raw power! I love it! Even without engaging in actual sex, BDSM or kink, there is so much eroticism and power to be had.

And then there is the actual kink element
Playing with a sub or slave, knowing that not only do I have complete control, but they have now fully acknowledged it. They have submitted themselves to me, knowing that I will push them right to their limits, that I will relish their suffering, their pain, their tears. This, they offer up to me for my pleasure, that they may serve me and bask in my presence. What a heady experience! Mine! Not just by chance, ensnared for an instant on the sidewalk, where they can simply walk away before they are well and truly lost; No, it is too late. They are bound to me now, whether for an hour session, a day, a weekend, a week, or even more. Whatever the length of time, they have consented, implicitly, to all that I am, all that I will do to them.
I revel in the way they moan and whimper, in the sight of the fear in their eyes as I cover their nose and mouth, and they wonder if it will be too much after all. The panic as they struggle to take a breath, but cannot, and when they do, it is my smoke. Their brain tells them that they are in dire peril; their fight or flight response is in high gear, but to no avail. They are in my clutches and it is up to me. I play with the heat of the cigar, caress their skin with the nearness of the glowing ember of the tip, delight in every gasp, shudder, shiver, little scream or squeal that they cannot suppress as I touch the ember to their tender flesh. I watch as they experience the inner struggle to not like something that terrifies or even repulses them, only to succumb to the pleasure, despite themselves. I take them to the heights of fear, the depths of forbidden desires that they would deny themselves, and force them to experience every new level, even when they are certain that they cannot endure it.
I cherish the thanks, so often through tears, the taste of victory, but also of having given pleasure to my subject, or brought them to new understandings of themselves-places they never would have dared exploring without being bereft of choice.

What's not to love!?
~ Khaos
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