Light & Cut Method

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Light & Cut Method

Unread postby KhaosWolfKat » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:07 pm

This is a technique I learnt a few years ago from a gent who became one of my smoking buddies.

So, you know how, very commonly, the first puff or two you take off your cigar is kind of harsh and just doesn't taste so great, even if it is a really good cigar?
Well, this method completely solves that problem!

After selecting your cigar, toast the foot as usual (remember, toast and roast, NOT torch and scorch!!), and then just keep on toasting, blowing on the foot gently to help get a good, even light, until you have about 3-4 millimetres of burning/ash on the end.
Once you have that, go ahead and cut or punch your stick, and savour the first puff, which will be just as good as the cigar, rather than something substandard!
It works EVERY time, so you will never have to endure a harsh or less than tasty beginning of an excellent stick again!

Try it out and please do post your own comments, experience or suggestions too!

~ Khaos
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