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Khaos' Cigar Gallery Archives ~ Page 5

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
...And sometimes it's all that and a whole lot more!


Here I am relaxing in my hotel room between convention activities at Norwescon 29 with one of the Special Jamaican Mayfairs that Mark S. in Kansas sent me. So here's another set dedicated to him! This one tasted WORLDS better than the first one of the batch I smoked, showing once again that several months in the humidor can only better a cigar.
This page only has 24 out of the 34 pics from this set... The other 10 are in the adult section.
This is just a really short set. The pictures were kind of an afterthought while I was smoking one of my Arturo Fuente Petite Chateau Maduros, the smaller version of my all time favorite cigar.

I'm enjoying a Famous Dominican Select Suave here in this set.
I'm puffing on a Rosa Cuba Herencia in this set for "V Day".
Be sure to check out the video for this set.
This was the only shoot I did this winter since they passed Inititiave 901 in Washington state cause it was just TOO COLD to be outside for that long. I'm smoking a JR Alternative to Por Larranaga Magnum . Great smoke, but I ended up leaving more than I usually would in favor of going back inside.



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