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Khaos' Cigar Gallery Archives ~ Page 4

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
...And sometimes it's all that and a whole lot more!

This shoot was done just for Marsh in Australia, and this set is dedicated to him In it, I am smoking one of the 10 inch long, 66 ring gauge Casa Blanca Jeroboams that he sent me.
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This set features me in FULL drag puffing on one of my Churchill sized JR Alternatives. Check the
adult galleries for proof that the drag is complete!
This LONG shoot finds me puffing on another of the great Belinda Prominentes from Mark S. at
The Gathering - Wetspot in Paradise 2005
Be sure to look in the adult galleries for LOTS more from this set! The majority from this photo shoot are there. Forced smoking, smoking denial and more!
Here are some more pics of me with my Torcedor at Paradise It was too hot for clothes.
Look for more from this set in the adult galleries!
Here I am, puffing on a Torcedor during 10 glorious days in Paradise
In these, I'm enjoying a Camacho during 10 days in Paradise
Do you want to join me at next year's Wetspot in Paradise? Keep your eyes on my blog and I'll be sure to announce the dates and details. Or visit www.wetspot.org to find out about that event and many other Wetspot events!



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